Friday, 4 April 2014

Ile Flottante - 'SPLoops': Haunting the Sonic Space

Ile Flottante draws inspiration from some of hip hop's finest producers; the off-kilter drums of Rza, DOOM and J Dilla; and the suspenseful sample stabs and gorgeous jazz loops of DJ Premier.
The beatmaker specializes in over-saturation and distortion; and jazz samples float through the air as if being played through a dusty gramaphone in a long-abandoned attic.  These effects create a mood which is both reassuring familiar and unnervingly 'different', sometimes even on the same cut. 

It's as if the samples are not 'samples', but are the ghosts of music once played, haunting the sonic space just above contemporary, break-neck drums and lashings of warm bass grooves.

'It's as if the samples are the ghosts of music once played, haunting the sonic space just above break-neck drums and warm bass grooves.'

Tracks like the melancholy 'Jasmine', the marauding 'A Long Way from Chinatown', and the playful 'Jus Playin' are a collection of beats that lyricists of any persuasion - be they MC's, singers or poets - are likely to find inspiration in.

Monday, 31 March 2014

M-Phazes (Camden Arc): 'I Don't Wanna Fall In Love'

Wow.  The New Beatmaker favourite M-Phazes (Eminem, Jean Grae, Sean Price) excels yet again on this fantastic reworking of Jane Child's 1990 classic.  'I Don't Wanna Fall In Love' is the debut release from M-Phazes' new side project Camden Arc.

Camden Arc sees the producer experiment with new techniques and draw on inspiration from RnB titans including Jam & Lewis, Teddy Riley, DeVante Swing and Timbaland.  As one would expect given the influences, 'I Don't Wanna Fall In Love' successfully mixes the minimal with the epic and has a perfect balance of 'thump' and gloss.  Delicious.     

Follow M-Phazes on Soundcloud for more and beatmakers, be sure to cop M-Phazes 'The Vault' and 'Dirty 30' drum kits.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

'Soundcloud Sessions' Episode One: A Collection of Future Beats, Social Hip Hop, Jazz and more

A back-to-back collection of future beats, social hip hop, jazz and more.

I have always wanted to bring readers a selection of my favourite tracks on a regular basis and, excited by several superb podcasts I have been enjoying recently, I decided now was the time to start a regular series of sessions celebrating some of the hottest artists out.   A particular focus is paid to artists who I consider to be friends of The New Beatmaker.  For a quick breakdown of each of the tracks read on.    

Upright: 'Bear Fruit'
Upright won the BeatTips battle Feb 2012 with this absolute heater of an instrumental and it’s easy to hear why.  That bass. Those drums.  That trademark Upright break in the middle.  The Californian was featured in our best tracks of 2012 for ‘V A S T’; and was one of our nine beatmakers to watch in 2013 and deservedly so.  Check out an indepth interview with Upright in light of his BeatTips battle victory with BeatTips here.    

T-Funk, DistantStarr: 'Groove With You'
T-Funk has been a favourite of ours since he reached out with his excellent ‘Ideas’ EP, check it out here.  Mixing RnB and soul grooves with hip hop knock and ambient synths, his ‘Nebula’ project is an essential listen.  Visit for a review here.

Sam Smith, Disclosure, Nile Rodgers and Jimmy Napes: 'Together
Wow.  A strong J Dilla / D’Angelo influence.  That chorus just opens right up.  It soars! 2013 was the year of Disclosure and Mr Rodgers and this track has been in constant rotation since it dropped.  For more Disclosure check here.

Mecca:83, Von Pea and Booda French: 'Full Time' (Mecca:83 Remix)
Aside from the almighty Pete Rock reworking of 'Shut 'em Down’, this is probably my favourite hip hop remix of all time.  Mecca:83 has shown the site a lot of love right from the beginning, including an exclusive interview (click here) and we love him right back.  Check more of his stuff here.

Funky sample flip? Sensual vocal sample? A monkey going, erm,  bananas? It must be Lanzo.  Essential projects from this The New Beatmaker Favourite include 'S O C’ and 'BURN BETTER TRUNKS’.  Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with the man himself here, too. 

Pomo: 'So Fine'
Friend of the site Sev Seveer (more on him in a bit) put The New Beatmaker on to this glorious slice of French-sounding house. We owe Sev a beer. The track is big, sexy and euphoric.  That breakdown around the 2:20 mark is perfect.  Lovely. Thanks Sev and thanks Pomo. 
Kaytranada / AlunaGeorge: 'Kaleidoscope Love' (Kaytranada Remix)
Sensual house meets RnB with a remix from the man that needs no introduction.  Kaytranada recently dropped an absolute heater of a mix for Benji B’s Deviation night at London’s XOYO nightclub.  Check it out here.

Moduloktopus, Myss Ripley: 'Black Bay' (Re-Lit Jive)
Wow, the fire marshall is finna shut this sh*t down! A musical tour-de-force from another The New Beatmaker favourite.  An epic track which shows of the Boston-based beatmaker’s skill for creating elaborate, attention-grabbing genre-splicing compositions which transcend easy classification.  Moduloktopus is also a member of the superb ten-piece collective LowTone Society (more on them later).

Radius: 'Cakescakescakescakes'

This tune is fonky as hell.  I love the rugged stop-start effect of the drums and the dramatic but sensual vibe of the samples.  Check out Radius' 'Minimal Chops & Loops in Dub Vol.1 EP' here.   

Central Parks: 'Realization of Truth'

Carrying on that eerie ‘siren’ vibe from the previous track. Central Parks mixes the classic with the contemporary. He’s another artist who has shown the site tonnes of love.  Parks was another of our nine beatmakers to watch in 2013 and he did not dissappoint releasing banger after banger.  Check out an exclusive interview with him at here.

Time Travelling Toaster: 'Astral Atlasatlantis'
...Speaking of bboytechreport, much love to ‘BBT’ for putting me on to ‘TTT’ last year.  ‘TTT’ is another amazing artist.  He combines boom bap, electronica and UK dance influences with always dazzling results.  His most recent full-length  'Sinus Roris’ is another stellar addition to his an impeccable catalogue.  Read my guest review of it over at and then download it and hear how wonderful it is for yourself.

King I Divine: 'Reign Showers'. 
An absolutely beautiful, haunting instrumental from King I Divine.  I could just listen to this on repeat all day. The subtlety of the piano sample, the knock of the drums (again, 'big’ but not vulgar sounding).  That swing.  Just lovely.  Check out the full project here

Phashara: 'ITs GOOD'
Phashara, also known as Corry Banks has been a friend to the site for quite a while now; he’s always shown The New Beatmaker nothing but love, in particular, his giving me the honour of many a guest post at his site  A charismatic and skillfull MC, beatmaker and writer, check out more of his work as a musician and MC, and be on the look out for BREAM (Beats Rule Everything Around Me).   

J’Von & Ackryte: 'I’m Saying'
J’Von was my favourite MC in 2013.  Number one MC.  Hands down.  Not only were his words constantly intelligent and quotable, but goddamn, how he delivered them.  His technical ability, charisma and wisdom is a thousand times that of many of the MC’s who ‘grace’ magazine covers and newspaper headlines and win big-name awards somehow.  Ackryte is a producer who pays homage to hip hop’s rich cultural heritage, whilst simultaneously taking it forward in an individual style.  The rapper-producer duo is in safe hands with this pair.  Thinking Batman and Robin? Don’t.  Think Batman and Batman.  Check out more here.

Sev Seveer, Defcee & Wizard Jenkins the Great: 'Live From Olympus'
Beautiful.  a track which somehow mixes 90‘s late night college radio rap shows with contemporary beats culture.  Plenty of quotables from Defcee & Wizard Jenkins the Great and a superb backdrop from Sev Seveer.  The way the strings creep in and out is a particular masterstroke.

CRASHprez & *hitmayng: 'Kill Me Dead'
Awe-inspiring.  Props to Sev Seveer (that’ll be another beer owed) who put me onto this incredible track.  CRASHprez provides a jaw dropping performance that channels Saul Williams, Killer Mike and Masta Ace for a damning indictment of society over a stirring soul backdrop from *hitmayng.

Zackey Force Funk: 'Montego Bay'
‘Best Buds Vol II’ was one of the most exciting projects of last year and this was one of it’s many standouts.  Zackey sounds like a lovesick computer in orbit around the moon singing a Prince B-Side (and that can only ever be a good thing, can’t it?).  Check out the whole project here and our exclusive interview with one half of the label behind the ‘Best Buds’ series, FilthyBroke Records’ Morbidly-O-Beats, here.

Boonie Mayfield: 'The Wonder Years'
Wow.  Another of last year's finest releases, courtesy of another The New Beatmaker favourite.  The multi-talented artist dropped a full-length which explored various sides of Boonie as a person and a performer and was one of the bravest, most diverse and - perhaps most importantly - most enjoyable projects of the year.  Enjoy the project here an enjoy an exclusive interview with the man himself here

Evil Alex: 'Snack Wrap'
Another one of last year’s most memorable projects was ‘iGeneration’ by Evil Alex.  A haunting and well-thought-out album drenched in soul, this is one of the project’s most beautiful moments.  The project was so good I had to review it twice, once here and once here.  Read both reviews, buy the album today and get wrapped up inside its magic. 

Malice & Mario Sweet: 'Fantasee Island'
A sumptuous cut from the soulful husband and wife duo, produced by Evil Needle.  Check out their full-length ‘Enjoy: Like: Love’, a superb mix of rare groove, neo soul, classic pop and contemporary RnB here.

LowTone Society: 'Paralyzed'.  
Sublime.  LowTone Society are the most exciting acts in music today; their sound combines all that is good in both classic and modern Latin / black American music.  This ten-piece are all alumni of Berklee College of Music and are destined for great things.  Check out a special feature on them here and videos and more music from the collective here.   

Jay Bishop: '54'
A classy, disco-influenced strut from another The New Beatmaker favourite.  Jay is a DJ and producer who combines classic soul with hip hop and jazz influences.  His 'Late Pass’ mix series is essential listening for anyone with a taste in soul, hip hop and future beats.  The New Beatmaker 'Soundcloud Sessions' was always in the making, but 'Late Pass’ lit a fire under me.  Jay, I hope that you enjoy this mix as much as I’ve been enjoying yours; and everyone else I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. 

Be on the lookout for 'Soundcloud Sessions' Episode Two dropping very soon, both on The New Beatmaker's Soundcloud page and here!

Particular thanks to Phashara / Corry Banks, Sev Seveer and Evil Alex for the drops at not much notice, much love.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

'Dirty Transistor Bass' TB-303 Samples from Navi Retlav: 100MB of WAV Samples Free

Navi Retlav Studio Release a Sample Pack of the Iconic TB-303 Synth,  the Backbone of Many an AcId House Classic  

New from Navi Retlav Studio: 'Dirty Transistor Bass', a collection of 280 loops and 150 one-shot WAV samples created using the iconic TB-303 synth.  Download 100MB of samples from the pack free and buy the full sample pack here

From Navi himself:

'The Roland TB-303 was highly popular in the early 90’s and used on countless records up to this day.  This great synthesizer is responsible for the creation of acid house music genre and many great hip-hop and pop hits.  It slowly started to fade into deep underground, but now it is back. 

Thanks to the Navi Retlav Studio, you can stand out with this iconic sound in your own music productions...the samples are ready to use in any software or hardware sampler, which turns them into fully playable instruments that can be used not only as bass sounds, but also as the higher pitched gritty lead...'

Download 'Dirty Transistor Bass' 

Download 100MB of samples from 'Dirty Transistor Bass' free here.
For more products visit:

Sidenote: Roland's Classic TB-303 Synthesizer Put the 'acid' into Acid House Music

Whilst used in many genres of dance music, the TB-303 was responsible for putting the 'acid' into Acid House music; and is therefore synonymous with numerous classics in the genre.  Here is one of it's most famous moments, Josh Wink's classic 'Higher State of Consciousness' (available on iTunes and at Amazon and Juno).   

Download 100MB of samples from 'Dirty Transistor Bass' free here.
For more products visit:

Sidenote: Check out an exclusive review of Rob Papen's '‘The 4 Element Synth: The secrets of Subtractive Synthesis’ book & DVD here.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

LowTone Society: 'Paralyzed' at Berklee College of Music

Part two of a seven video series from The New Beatmaker favourite Frankie Leroux documenting his Senior Recital at the world famous Berklee College of Music.

Here, Frankie's joined by his LowTone society bandmates for an outing of one of my favourite tracks from the group - and one of my favourite songs in years - the beautiful 'Paralyzed'

Frankie is a Graduate of the world famous College whose alumni include Quincy Jones, Aimee Mann and Roy Hargrove, amongst others.  In addition he is a drummer, manager, producer and videographer.

LowTone society combine jazz, reggae, funk, hip hop and more with class and virtuosity and I fell in love with their music as soon as I heard them.  They are one of my favourite new acts in years.  I honestly can't say enough good things about them.  Check them out here.       

The band line-up in full:

Joanna Teters : vocals
Kalani Trinidad : flute
Craig Hill : saxophone
John Egizi: trombone
Lauren Fuller : keys
Brandon Ferguson: guitar
Marco Marcel: bass
Frankie Leroux: drums
"Moduloktopus": sound design
Gabo Lugo: percussion

Frankie is dropping a video from the recital every two weeks, with a total of seven to enjoy.  The first video was a great cover of "Donde no Alcanza mi Verso" by Cultura Profetica with fellow LowToner Ernesto "Bebo" Rodriguez on vocals.  That performance can be enjoyed here

Subscribe to Frankie's youtube and Facebook pages to see the videos when they drop.
For even more goodness check out:
For more Frankie Leroux and LowTone Society click here.
For more Moduloktopus click here.

Time Travelling Toaster 'Sinus Roris': BBoytechreport Guest Post

Regular readers will know that I love Time Travelling Toaster's brand of genre-blending, star-trecking, head-nodding music.  So imagine my delight at being given the chance to hear his newest project weeks in advance AND write about it for

Without giving too much away, the album is superb.  There, I have said to much already.  Without further ado, head over to BBoy Tech Report and reads the exclusive review and let me know what you think of both the preview and my guest post.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Jay Bishop 'Late Pass Mix #3' All Things Soulful

The New Beatmaker favourite Jay Bishop has a talent for mixing future beats, neo soul, jazz, RnB, and underground and instrumental hip hop.

I messed up and didn't get a chance to post episode 2 (which you can catch here), so I thought that I'd better come correct and not mess about when it came to posting this latest edition in what has fast become a must-listen-to series.
Every cut on here is a banger, with acts as diverse as Elaquent, Amel Larrieux (pictured), Black Milk and Ryan Leslie getting some play.

Props as ever Jay, I can't wait for the next installment.  Check out the show, then head over to Jay's Bandcamp and website for more.

For all posts on Jay Bishop click here.
For all podcasts click here.

Point Blank Music School: Arrangement and Structure

One of the most difficult things for the new musician / beatmaker to master is the arrangement or structure of a track. 

This episode of Point Blank Music School's Electronic Music Course series sees tutor Ski Oakenfull use three popular tracks (including a The New Beatmaker all-time favourite) to demonstrate how songs are often structured.  He then shares his edits of several Point Blank student's work and shows how applying the techniques employed in the three well-known examples gives the student's tracks more structure and 'oomph'.

Whilst the examples used are all from the dancier end of the music spectrum, these techniques can be applied on any contemporary popular music. Whatever style of music you create, check out this video, apply the techniques discussed, do a before-and-after comparison of your track, and let me know what you think.

Point Blank is based in London, the home of electronic music.  The School has been voted 'Best Music Production and DJ School' by DJ Mag. You can learn Ableton Live or Logic Pro via their online courses or in their state-of-the-art studios in Hoxton, East London.

For more information on Point Blank click here
Learn more about the EMC course

For all Point Blank Videos click here.
For all tutorial videos click here.

Look out for more tutorials and educational features coming soon. 

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