Thursday, 6 September 2012

'Until the Quiet Comes', a short film by Khalil Joseph, music by Flying Lotus, vocals by Erykah Badu

Some thoughts and reactions as they came to me after first viewing:

The scenes of 'Until the Quiet Comes' shot in Nickerson Gardens remind me of how 'The Wire' was shot, but with an added surreal quality similar to Outkast's 'Bombs Over Baghdad' video, thanks to the oversaturation and the unexpected splashes of very vivid colours. 

However, where the 'Bombs Over Baghdad' video came across as frenetic and celebratory, 'Until the Quiet Comes' is medatitive, mournful and ultimatley, nightmarish.

The images of the palm trees and the near white sand, the innocence of the children play - fighting in the field, are in very stark contrast to the claustrophobia of the scenes that follow.

'Until the Quiet Comes' makes me think of those classic Massive Attack videos and, in some small way, reminds me of the video to Radiohead's 'Pyramid Song'.  Each time I watch these videos I feel like I am encroaching into a world very different to my own.  I feel the same when watching this. 

Some scenes feel like paintings, or art installation pieces. There is a graceful, balletic feel to the movement of the lead in the second half.

Speaking of the main lead, I think that the 'J Dilla Changed my Life' t-shirt he wears is a very poignant touch, even more so considering what happens to him in the visual.

I can't wait to see more work by Khalil Joseph.  I now need to pre-order that Flying Lotus album.



Wise living said...

I understand the installation comparison. You're right.

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