Saturday, 1 December 2012

Free VSTs

From a fantastic freeware multisampler to a virtual orchestra, here's a selection of quality free VSTs to get you started.

Drummix Beta by Bluenoise Plugins

A fantastic plugin with three different acoustic drum set ups which not only include individual hits but also throw in some great drum rolls and fills.

Download from:

The quality of the beta version available is quite remarkable, and sonically, I’d be more than happy to use these on a commercial project.  (John Walden, Sound on Sound)

Overture by DSK 

The Overture strings are evocative, rich and lifelike.  They are quite film score sounding so very good for adding drama and emotion to tracks.  Overture is quite CPU hungry, but this is justified by the quality of the sounds.  Video from myVST.

Download from:

Ghost Machine Synthesizer by H G Fortune

'Ghost Machine is a multipart algorithmic composing machine featuring a Pad part with Long Wave Sequencing, a HiSq part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, a bass part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, and a drum part with 4 instruments parts each with a 16 step sequencer.  All these 16 step sequencers are pattern driven which are changing due to an internal algorithm to create music.  In AutoPlay mode you can let the machine do all the composing work for you, or you can transpose manually at realtime to change the current rootnote.  As the system is based on scales (97 heptatonic) you need not worry about getting some 'wrong' notes in between.'

Download from:

Vinylizer by Plektron

This is a real gem.  I have just used it for the first time to give a track a more worn-in,  rough-around-the-edges feel; and it works like a dream.  'Plektron Vinylizer simulates the typical damaged sound of an old vinyl record.  With vinylizer you can simulate and manipulate the noise dust, the record decentralization, the high-frequency damage, the rotational speed and the typical stop effect of a turntable with adjustable stop time.'  Video from UPROAR24.

Download from:

Choirz by DSK 

Haunting, ethereal and sometimes downright spooky 80s style electronic choir voices.  Demo from My VST.

Download from:

Spicy Guitar

Acoustic guitar VSTs.  The sounds are amazingly realistic and there is a great ‘chord detection’ feature - perfect for those like myself, who have a chord playing in their head all day with no idea how to get it down.

Download from:

Shortcircuit VST Multisampler by Vember Audio 

This magnificent piece of freeware allows you to load multiple samples in seconds.  If you are frustrated by REAPER's in built sampler (ReaSampler5000), I suggest downloading this.  Once you have the Shortcircuit VST up and running in your REAPER project, it is simply a matter of clicking and dragging your wav files onto the piano roll editor on the Shortcircuit Graphical User Interface (GUI).  The wavs should then automatically load according to chromatic scale.  Video from sweepstakes

Download from:

DSK Brass 

For a free plugin, this has a good range of brass sounds, including muted trumpets, saxophones (not strictly brass), horn sections and a beautifully rich French horn.  It has 23 waveforms and two layers, so you can use two different horns at the same time.  Each layer has attack, decay, sustain and release controls so you can shape the waves, as well as flanger and delay effects.  You'll want to add some vibrato and reverb to creat a more realistic sound.  

Download from:


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