Sunday, 2 December 2012

Freq.Trigger: 2D Blaster Video Game Manipulated by Music

The relationship between music and gaming taken to the next level

Freq. Entertainment have got their Kickstarter on for a very interesting sounding project:

Freq.Trigger is a 2D top-down physics-based shooter which responds to music. Choose whatever music you have in your library and the game will change accordingly. Think of your music as an endless supply of levels to suit your mood. The music modifies both game mechanics and gameplay influencing what enemies appear, when they appear, how many appear, how fast they move, how they behave, when they attack and with what weapons. As we like to say: music changes everything - turning every tune you own into a unique gaming experience.

Upload scores to your favourite songs and take part in competitions to fantastic music!

We have already built the sophisticated audio analysis engine which turns your music into a unique gaming experience. It's fully working, fully functional (we call it Audio Kernel). And we have almost finished the first game that takes advantage of this technology - Freq.Trigger!  "Freq. is a fantastic technology and the possibilities it generates are very exciting. Music and video games have long had a symbiotic relationship, but Freq. takes that to the next level. Seeing how it alters not just a game's visuals but even its gameplay, according to the music that is played is almost magical. By doing that, it allows gamers to get a more personal, unique experience from their games, and it also offers music acts, both new and old, a means of bringing their efforts to a new audience. I've played Freq.Trigger, the first game for the platform, and found it very enjoyable, and can't wait to see where this fascinating platform can go in the future."

- Steve Boxer, games writer for The Guardian

I've been meaning to explore the relationship between video games and music on The New Beat Maker for a while now and I have never come across anything like this before, so I'm really interested in seeing where this goes.

To find out more and pledge, visit the Kickstarter page here




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