Saturday, 1 December 2012

Point Blank Launch Youth Foundation

Some exciting news from Point Blank Music School on a subject very close to my heart.  

From Point Blank themselves:
Point Blank believes in the power of music as a tool for social change. With the advent of the change in government at the last election and the recession that coincided with this event, the funding that was previously made available for hard-to-reach youth activities was dramatically cut. Some say this policy may have even been connected to the ensuing riots of 2011. We subscribe to the belief that prevention is better than cure and we have committed to funding activities in this area ourselves. With all of this in mind we have created the Point Blank Youth Foundation (PBYF) to help engage and inspire young people local to our vibrant borough of London, Hackney.

For our first PBYF event we welcome Island Records singer and songwriter VV Brown to deliver a live online masterclass. We have invited local Hackney schools and students to participate in the presentation, to hear from VV about her career experiences and to ask questions live via the integrated chatroom.

All watching live are welcome to ask any questions to VV Brown in the comments section, however priority will be given to the participating schools and students.

Check out our range of scholarship programs 
There's a lot of good advice from VV Brown in this video, especially for those readers and viewers still at school or college looking for guidance.

I'm really interested to see where this project goes and I'm keen to hear of any other initiatives like this.




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