Saturday, 23 February 2013

NAMM 2013 Hardware Selections

Apologies, I really wanted to bring you some of the great footage from the NAMM show 2013 by some of my favourite sites that bit sooner, especially when the quality of the products and the footage is this high.  In the name of 'gear lust', here's some of what these lucky people got up close and personal with in Anaheim last month

Korg KingKorg Synthesizer

Beautiful looking and more importantly, absolutely stunning sounding, this gem from Korg is masterfully demonstrated by Korg Rep Richard.  I can imagine those types of sounds on a Cameo record or something of that nature and if I were to hit the lottery this weekend (not that I play) this would be copped faster than you could say 'Candy'. 

For more, visit: Future Music

Ableton Push

Something for all the Ableton heads out there.  Ableton's Head of Documentation Dennis DeSantis gives the guys over at DJCityTV the low down on their latest, a rival to the MPC.
In addition to this video, there's some great footage of Jeremy Ellis (natch) gettin' it in with this thing.

For more, visit: DJCityTV  

Arturia SparkLE and Minilab

Here's another TNBM favourite checking out the new SparkLE drum controller and software in conjunction with the new Minilab keyboard controller and software synthesizer.  When I talk about drum controllers (I'm using that term loosely here) on the site, I often over-simplify the playing field into MPC / Maschine and I shouldn't.  I've heard a lot of good things about the SparkLE.  There's some footage floating around from a few years ago of DJ Quik going crazy over the Spark during a 'Detox' session, I'd love to hear what he thinks of this latest addition to the Arturia family.

For more, visit:

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