Friday, 29 March 2013

Central Parks Interview: Guest Post

Hot off the press and just in time for Easter weekend is my interview with one of the best new beatmakers out there, Central Parks: 

I first heard Park's music about six months ago and instantly became a fan.  Parks perfectly mixes both 90's and 00's influences, making his music instantly appealing to both younger and older generations of hip hop heads.

Here's just a few of my favourite Central Parks productions:
J Dilla meets prog-rock in this eerie beast of a banger:

I can just imagine Nas, AZ or Roc Marciano spitting ill paragraphs over this smooth-ass winner of a beat:

Dripping in drama, swimming in soul, another beat for you favourite street poet to paint vivid lyrical pictures to:

Check out the exclusive interview here:

For more Central Parks: 



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