Monday, 11 March 2013

The Recording Revolution: '5 Minutes To A Better Mix' is Back!

I'm a big fan of Graham Cochrane's excellent, so I'm really happy to see he's brought back the hugely popular and very informative '5 Minutes To A Better Mix' series this month.

'5 Minutes To A Better Mix' is the perfect way for musicians, beatmakers and mix engineers to get a lot of practical advice in a really short time.  Graham cuts right to the chase in clear and concise language and I always come away from these addictive, bite-sized videos feeling more knowledgeable and inspired.

Here's a couple of recent videos:  

'The 24 Track Mindset'

Graham explains why, in the age of 'all you can eat' multi-tracking capability, less is still often more:

'One Stereo Track'

It may seem counter-intuitive to restrict yourself to one stereo track in order to make your mix sound bigger.  However, this is a great tutorial explaining why and how the 'One Stereo Track' method works: 

'Keep it simple' is one of Graham's mantras both in terms of technique and - of special benefit to new musicians, beatmakers and engineers - equipment.  As cool as having it would be, you won't need the budget for Michael Jackson's 'Bad' to make your tracks sound that much more professional, just The Recording Revolution and five minutes a day.

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