Sunday, 17 March 2013

Showcase Your Music, 'Your Beats': Evil Alex 'Hate' EP

The New Beat Maker likes to show nuttin' but love: word to the late, great Heavy D.  

However, in this edition of 'Your Beats', we're going to share a little bit of hate with you.

'Hate', the latest EP from Chicago's Evil Alex, is full of funk and jazz snippets manipulated into hypnotic, unsettling beats.  With it's constant air of menace, 'Hate' sounds like the soundtrack to a film-noir thriller or disturbing art exhibition.  I can imagine El-P and Ill Bill painting apocalyptic pictures over the top of tracks like 'Billion Dollar Bill' and 'Evilongoria'.  If you're in the mood for some uneasy listening, you'll love 'Hate'.

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