Saturday, 13 April 2013

Boonie Mayfield / Solomon Vaughn: Featured Artist

Here's a very funky, very soulful PSA from The New Beat Maker favourite Solomon Vaughn aka Boonie Mayfield / BoonDoc.

In 2011 the Colorado-based multi-instrumentalist and singer released 'Black Koolaid' via his own website.  A winning mix of hip-hop, soul and funk, 'Black Koolaid' came with heavy cosigns from luminaries including S1 and Ski Beatz.  Combining lashings of classic funk and soul with nods to J Dilla, Just Blaze and The Neptunes, the album has rightfully stayed in heavy rotation for many a head ever since.

Great musical skill is only one part of his success.  Vaughn had amassed a large online following long before his album dropped.  The catalyst was when he was forced to take to youtube to claim ownership on a set of beats.  This lead to a series of beatmaking videos that showed off his charisma and sense of humour, as well as his musicianship.  These videos have since racked up tens of thousands of views. 

Among these viewers was another The New Beat Maker favourite, Lanzo aka Lanzo Beats, who had this to say recently:        
BoonDoc convinced me to buy an MPC.  As soon as I saw his ‘BoonDoc on the MPC’ videos on youtube, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  Definitely peep those videos if you have the time.  Dude KILLS the 1k
- Lanzo aka Lanzo Beats, in this exclusive interview.

Last year, Vaughn premiered his 'BoonDocumented' web series.  Following Vaughn and his journey through the ups and downs of beat battles, gear buying and restoring, applying to the Red Bull Music Academy and even reliving the trauma of a studio break-in, the show was essential viewing and provided another welcome insight into the life of the man behind the music.

Since then, he's become a part of the team over at Time will tell what Vaughn is set to bring us on the back of 'Untethered Soul'.  Whatever it is, it's surely going to have been worth waiting for.

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