Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lanzo: 'Burn Better Trunks' Album Out Now

Take another dark and funky trip with Lanzo. 

Available at:

Lanzo’s debut EP kicked off with the catchy yet slightly unnerving track ‘Snack Bags’.  For all its apparent breeziness, the track was underpinned with a sense of unease brought about by a sound reminiscent of a rickety roller-coaster making its way, slowly, towards its biggest drop.

‘Snack Bags’ was the perfect introduction to both the EP and Lanzo, mixing catchy melodies with distorted drums and off-kilter samples with funk-oozing basslines, filling the listener with euphoria and paranoia - often at the same time. This fairground ride vibe is back tenfold on his sophomore Burn Better Trunks, released today.

Whilst his debut EP balanced disturbing undertones with some light relief, Burn Better Trunks is a heavier, headier journey into the mind of the talented Chicago beatmaker.

‘B.b.t. Intro’ has a nightmarish carousel feel, which leads swiftly into the bass heavy ‘TaxFree’ and the strangely carnal ‘BodyByBelladonna’. These opening tracks are reminiscent of the near-morose funk provided by Erick Sermon on Dare Iz a Darkside, albeit with Madlib, rather than George Clinton, as a primary musical influence.

Whilst this ‘cosmic-slop’ funk is consistent throughout the project, Lanzo covers enough musical ground to remain unpredictable. We blast into space on ‘Black Materia’ and land in an 80’s arcade on ‘E&j Ea’. Meanwhile, the staggering, swaying ‘Time Keeper’ sounds like the theme tune to a demented cartoon series.

The final third of the EP shows no signs of flagging. ‘ReUp’ is a The Further Adventures of Lord Quas inspired journey into the astral plane. With its lovely Asian samples, rumbling bass and rowdy vocal snatches, this is an instant highlight.

‘StoopidPhatBLUNTS’ is memorable for its slowed down Caltroit style chords. There’s pitch shifting all over the place here and the track literally ends on a bad high. However, the sensual sounds of ‘MORNING SEX’ are on hand to sooth the listener, if they can just ignore the escaped monkey.

Fellow Chicagoan Norman assists his beatmaking brethren on the disorientating ‘Divide&Conquer’, whilst the beautiful ‘Alexa’s Lullaby’, leads into the glorious outro. The former may be the most ‘uneasy’ track on the project. The latter, with its lovely lounge-jazz chops and foot tapping percussion, is by far the most relaxing.

Highly potent and addictive, Burn Better Trunks is full of illicit treats for whoever dares experiment with it.

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