Friday, 17 May 2013

Free Guitar VST: Ample Guitar M Lite is a Gorgeous Sounding Replication of the Martin-D41 Guitar

I checked out bedroomproducersblog earlier tonight and I loved what I heard of this VST which aims 'to bring the Martin D-41 Guitar sound to your studio': the Ample Guitar M, by amplesound.

I'm eagerly downloading the free version (the 'Lite' in the title) right now. 

If it is anywhere near as good as the full, paid-for version shown off in the video above I will be very pleased indeed.

Download from: amplesound.


Anonymous said...

There's no download there

TNBM said...

Hey, here's a direct link to the RapidShare site:!download|824p1|1665867427|AGML-Installer-V1.01-Mac.pkg|405653|0|0|1|referer-8E849FA73765D97F0168C8C7E8DF4FE1

Hope that helps :)

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