Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Evil Alex 'iGeneration' Review: a Cohesive, Intelligent and Haunting Album

Evil Alex returns stronger than ever with this cohesive, intelligent and haunting album. 

Back in March, Evil Alex generously sent us his 'Hate' EP: a unique, unsettling collection of funk-filled instrumentals.

Two months later, here's the excellent full-length follow up to the project that I dubbed 'Uneasy Listening': 'iGeneration'.

I really liked 'Hate', but I absolutely love 'iGeneration'.  Alex has upped the ante on this project.  The album is more well- rounded and polished, yet retains the bite of his earlier work.

Each track on 'iGeneration' has endless replay value.  However, immediate favourites of mine include the eerie 'Swagaphobia', the war-torn brass of 'Destroyer', the Tricky-esque lullaby 'Snack Wrap', the dusted hip hop of 'In Like With You' (what a great title) and the rock n roll raunchiness of 'Vice & Debauchery'.

I have a full-length review ready to drop soon.  In the meantime, check out one of the best albums of 2013 here, then show your support at Evil Alex's bandcamp page here.

Credits: evilalex49.bandcamp.com


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