Monday, 27 May 2013

J'Von & Ackryte: 'I'm Sayin...' / 'UnAscertained'

The dynamic duo of MC J'Von and beatmaker Ackryte combine yet again on this double whammy of jazzy post-hip hop beats and acrobatic lyricism.

Stylistically, J'Von comes across as a mix of Talib Kweli, Rawkus era Eminem and Jay Z on 'Hovi Baby' on both bangers. Thematically, 'UnAscertained', a tale of heartache loaded with clever innuendo, reminds me of this classic from last year.

Regular readers will probably already know how I feel about Ackryte's brand of wonky, soulful, jazzy psychedelic hip hop (spoiler alert: I love it).

I need a full-length collabo' album from these two talents, soon. 

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Ackryte said...

JVon and Ackryte - AQUA

TNBM said...

Great stuff! How am I just hearing this now?

Many thanks for sending this over,

Big props to you and J'Von.

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