Thursday, 16 May 2013

Showcase Your Music, 'Your Beats': ShiNoLa 'Love Poop'

Many thanks to everyone who has submitted tracks to 'Your Beats'.  In this edition, Chicago comes through yet again.

The city's ShiNoLa kindly sent over his latest release (sorry) 'Love Poop', which he just dropped (my bad).

Now there's a sentence I never thought I would be typing.

It's an experimental outing which mixes the playful with the poignant.
Of the highlights, 'Chromosomes' sounds like N*E*R*D on a merry-go-round in fast-forward; whilst 'A Based Message' has a melancholy Lil B over the top of some beautiful electronica.

However, 'The Moaning After' may be the standout track.

After a NSFW introduction, a euphoric wave of synths and reverbed vocals wash over the listener, with lots of sensual moans and big, choppy drums adding extra atmospheric layers to get lost in.  Lovely.

Insert one more poop-related pun of your choice here.

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