Saturday, 8 June 2013

Large Professor Talks Nas, Kane, Rakim and More: The Combat Jack Show

I'm still in utter disbelief that think it's a good idea to 'fix' the ain't-broke format of the all-powerful The Combat Jack Show: bite-size clips of interviews with icons like Scarface and Black Thought? C'mon, son.

However, this back-and-forth with the legendary Live Guy with Glasses, The Mad Scientist, Extra-P, Large Pro, Large Professor, is absolute gold, regardless.

The king from Queens takes time out to talk about his less than auspicious encounter with Big Daddy Kane during the  'Looks Like a Job For' sessions; how hyped he was to work with the God Rakim; that perennial favourite argument starter 'Takeover' vs. 'Ether'; 'Stillmatic' and much more. 


Extra props to Just Blaze for breaking down Large Pro's use of sleigh-bells in place of hi-hatsThis is one of my personal favourite production touches from The Live Guy with Glasses, too.

Sidenote: Extra P keeps it so hip hop that he doesn't even take his back-pack off when he's sat down.

Large Professor and Nas
Bonus Round: Jesus, would you just look at this photograph? This is like Quincy Jones telling an Off The Wall / Thriller era Michael to keep going.  I've heard the rumour that Extra P edited the young God's lyrics on Illmatic. Whilst Nas is no slouch even on his worst days, that may explain why, at such a young age, Nas delivered on EVERY line.

Salutes, and rest in peace to Paul C.   



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