Saturday, 29 June 2013

808 Drum Kit and Trap Synth Kit: 'Urban 808' & 'Massive TRAP' HUGE 808's and Synths from Producer's Choice

The good folks over at have certainly been busy this week. First up, for the 808 fiends amongst you:

From the guys themselves:

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new Kontakt Library - Urban 808!
If you need HUGE, easy to play 808 basses - then Urban 808 is for you!
We got GRITTY 808s, CLEAN 808s, FILTERED 808s, WARM 808s, VINTAGE 808s etc etc...


Kontakt 5 Library - 23 Huge 808 Bass Kontakt Instruments
Each 808 is mapped across your keys, perfectly tuned.
BONUS - We include a bonus 808 percussion instrument - loaded with classic 808 claps, snares, toms, cowbells & hats to complement the basses - all have been recorded to perfection and sound super crisp)

Buy The Producer's Choice Urban 808 hereAnd if that isn't enough for you...

More from the guys themselves:


We are proud to finally release our brand new preset bank for Native Instruments Massive.
It's called Massive TRAP - and it contains some of the hardest, nastiest trap synths you will ever lay ears on!

You get amazing quality trap leads, 808's, risers, bleeps, wobbles and more. This soundbank is easy and fast to load up and use - you will be banging out insane trap beats faster than ever!

Here's what's inside MASSIVE TRAP:

50 Massive TRAP Patches in total - including 4 808s, 15 Bass Patches, 1 Brass Patch, 4 FX, 3 Key/Organ Patches, 12 Synth Leads, 3 Plucks & Stabs, 3 Soundscape/Sequences, 5 Synth Stabs.

808 Drum KitBuy The Producers Choice 'Massive TRAP' can be bought here.

Many thanks to:


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