Sunday, 23 June 2013

Showcase Your Music, 'Your Beats': Phil Phlaymz 'Keep em High'

Our latest welcome addition to 'Your Beats' is Phil Phlaymz.  Phlaymz is a rapper, producer and engineer from Queens, New York. The track he's shared with us is the addictive, meditative 'Keep 'em High'.

The beat has a woozy, down South feel led by a great hypnotic guitar riff.  Phlaymz has a strong vocal delivery which has a nice balance of grit and warmth.

Phil Phlaymz 'Keep em High'
About the creative process, Phlaymz says: 

'I've had the normal ups and downs of anyone pursuing a lifestyle such as this. I live life and write songs about my experiences. I hope that other people will listen to these songs while they live life.'

His set-up includes: Emu X-Board 49; Korg padKontrol; Dell laptop; REAPER; and FL Studio 10.

The track is instantly catchy and it's always good to hear an artist who can craft both beats and bars this well.  Bravo.


Phil Phlaymz had a gig June 24th @ Karma Lounge in NY.  Whilst The New Beat Maker couldn't make it to NY for the gig, we were there, rocking out, in spirit.  Here's a video of Phil performing 'Keep 'em High' and 'I Pray We Never Smoke No Mids Again' to a well-receiving audience. Nice one, Phil.   

To download 'Keep 'em High' click here

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