Sunday, 21 July 2013

Make Hip Hop Beats: 'Reclaiming the Remix w / Maschine': BangOut and Nashiem Myrick

More inspirational viewing courtesy of Dubspot's hugely popular 'Reclaiming the Remix' with Shareef Islam.

Up top, underrated producer BangOut details how he created 'In My Hood', for 50 Cent's 'The Massacre' album.

Granted, 'The Massacre' wasn't exactly the most well-recieved of albums, but this track, with its tense-but-tasteful strings and dusty (in a good way) drum loop, is an undeniable gem.  In true 'it's not what you use, but how you use it' fashion, BangOut confides that the track was created with the help of a Casio keyboard 'with the speakers on the sides...and two broken keys'.

Below, another unsung hero Nashiem Myrick talks about one of hip hop's greatest tracks 'Who Shot Ya' for the Notorious B.I.G. 

Along with CNN's 'T.O.N.Y.' and L'il Kim's 'Queen B*tch', this is one of my favourite beats from the Queens producer. 

One of the most interesting points in this video is Nashiem's description of the drums.  Noting that the track was 'just' a loop, the added drums are described as being 'fluffy'.  Very hard descriptive terms are often used to describe hip hop drums: 'thump', 'knock', 'bang', etc, so it's interesting to hear Nashiem's succinct and unusual description of the percussion which layers the sample source. 

Go back and listen to the track to immediately hear what he means.

Props to all involved in the two latest episodes of this must-see series.  

BangOut Sidenote:  
I am loving Shareef's hat game in this series. 
I wonder what type of hat he'll be wearing next time.
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