Monday, 1 July 2013

Boonie Mayfield / Solomon Vaughn: 'The Wonder Years'

A brand new one from The New Beat Maker favourite Solomon Vaughn AKA Boonie Mayfield: the bittersweet 'The Wonder Years'.  This is the first single off of the upcoming album 'Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn', to be released next month. 

As anyone familiar with Boonie's work will expect, this offering is a triple-threat of great visuals, soulful production and lyrics that are bound to resonate with many listeners: 

'Me and my n*ggas walking / Listening to my walkman,
F*ck what them girls are talking 'bout / 'Muddy Waters' a-droppin'
Another album I'm coppin' / There's somethin' about hip hop
When I play it, I feel important...'

'Me and my fellas drivin' / Holding onto the time when
The only responsibility's finishing these assignments...' 

Boonie MayfieldAnother banger, Boonie.  Bravo.



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