Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hip Hop Drum Kit: 'Boom Bap Nostalgic':

Shout out to the guys over at  Their new drum sample library for Kontakt 4.3 and 5  will appeal to those looking for that diggin' in the crates vibe.

Buy 'Boom Bap Nostalgic' Kontakt Library Here 

From the guys themselves:

'If you love that vintage vinyl feel - then you'll love this library.

Vinyl Drum Samples > Akai MPC 60 / Akai S950 = CRUNCHY DRUMS
These samples have that gorgeous, warm crackly goodness that only comes from real, vintage processing using the Akai MPC60 and Akai S950. These legendary samplers added that sexy 12-bit crunch to this library!

Hip Hop Drum Kit: 'Boom Bap Nostalgic'
Boom Bap Nostalgic Kontakt Library includes:
3 Full Drum Kits: Gritty, Punchy & Raw
1 Patch of Noise, Crackles & Vinyl Hum
1 EMU SP12 Bass Patch
1 Patch of Drum Rolls and Fills
ADSR controls to manipulate and control the samples
Vintage Mode: Gives extra punch and flava to samples
Multi Instrument settings with Stereo Out and Multi Outs for easy mixing
Samples Include: Kicks, Snare, Cymbals, Toms, Percussion'


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