Sunday, 18 August 2013

Drum Samples: Andrew Lloyd 'Vol II' Drum Kit:

Shout out to, who have recently released the second volume of drums courtesy of Grammy-nominee Andrew Lloyd.

Andrew Lloyd 'Vol II' hip hop and rnb Drum Kit
Lloyd has worked his magic on tracks for Young Jeezy, L'il Wayne, Schoolboy Q, Tech Nine, T-Pain and Omarion amongst others.

Whilst this pack is arguably more tailored towards the shinier end of the hip hop and rnb spectrum (read: 'club bangers') it has other uses too.  I am currently having fun crafting a more boom-bap style cut with a couple of the kit's kicks and snares, as well as a UK house and garage cut which makes use of a different kick and a nice handclap from it.  If you're looking to buy some new drums, this kit is well worth checking out.   

Buy Andrew Lloyd Drums Vol. II here



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