Saturday, 7 September 2013

New Hip Hop: Phil Phlaymz & G.O.V. of The Wild High Club 'Harley Jones'

Shout out to The New Beat Maker favourite Phil Phlaymz for sending this one over recently.

Not even an impending World War Z-type scenario can stop players Phlaymz and G.O.V. of The Wild High Club from - how can I put this? - 'entertaining' the womens, on this club heater 'Harley Jones'.

Phil Phlaymz & G.O.V. of The Wild High Club 'Harley Jones' This infectious banger is dedicated to, in the worlds of Phlaymz, 'my roomate's cool-ass dog' and contains some cool-ass synths and a catchy sing-song chorus mixed with 'make it sound easy' double-timed flows.   

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