Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Time Travelling Toaster 'Space Toast Vol. 3' Review: bboytechreport.com Guest Post

Time Travelling Toaster 'Space Toast Vol. 3' ReviewAnother big shout out to my peoples, Time Travelling Toaster and bboytechreport.com.

'TTT' recently dropped his latest must-hear, 'Space Toast Vol. 3' and 'BBT' had me in the hot seat for a guest post about it.

TTT is an artist equally as comfortable - and skilled - at crafting head nodding, hypnotic instrumental hip hop as he is creating soulful dance music.  On '...Vol. 3' his hip hop side is in full effect.

The project continues the interstellar themes of TTT's previous offerings, again evoking thoughts of an aquatic paradise hidden in a far-flung corner of the galaxy.  

Whilst every track on the project is rewarding, my favourites are the minimal and dramatic introduction 'YoU're n0w CosmOLost​.​.​.'; the idylic waterworld sounds of 'Astral Atlasatlantis'; the Dilla-meets-Erick Sermon funk of 'Just a' Touch'; and the haunting 'Spacebump #3'.    

Check out 'Space Toast Vol 3' below, then check out my exclusive post for bboytechreport here.

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