Sunday, 19 January 2014

New Music from Moduloktopus: Tutorial Video on Making Music with Sonar and Windows 8

The beatmaking community are not only a creative bunch, but hard working and generous too.

Just look at The New Beatmaker favourite Moduloktopus, who, in 2013, tirelessly showered his hungry followers with musical treats via his soundcloud page, week in, week out.

To keep the New Year cheer going, the man himself has collected his prolific output from the year and put it all together for your listening enjoyment and ease.

Moduloktopus is able to specialise in polished tracks – both original and reworkings - which are energetic, cleverly composed and unpredictable.  Check out the compilation, ‘Alltopus’, below and download it here.

Clearly an artist not content with resting on his laurels, he has kicked off 2014 with a remix of one of the biggest hip hop tracks out, reworking it in his own inimitable fashion; followed by a brand new original composition.

As if all that wasn’t enough, has stepped from behind the boards and in front of the camera and recorded some great tutorials on how to produce music using Windows 8 and Sonar for the good folks over at Cakewalk.  Even if you do not use Sonar, this video should provide inspiration and maybe help with your own workflow.

For more tutorials from the homie Moduloktopus, he’s also an instructor of Music Production at Boston’s MMMMAVEN  school, which can be checked out here:

Props to Moduloktopus.  Keep it coming. 

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