Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ar Wesley ft. Love Cadence: 'RunAway' and 'Love & Happyness'

The New Beatmaker favourite Ar Wesley has come correct yet again, with new tracks 'RunAway' and 'Love & Happyness' (sic), both featuring female vocalist Love Cadence.

As I have said before, Wesley is an MC that can convey the pressures of life seemingly just as easy as he can speak on relationships - or spit some of that old fly ish - and this one-two punch proves that point yet again. 

'RunAway' is a stark slice of social commentary, exploring a harrowing tale of family abuse.  'Love & Happyness', with it's talk of infatuation, sees Ar Wesley spitting an especially impressive assonance-heavy flow in the second verse.  Superb.
Shout out to Ar Wesley, Love Cadence and 'Love & Happyness' producer Philly Anderson.  Keep the music coming, people.

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