Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Frankie Leroux and Band: "Donde no Alcanza mi Verso" is a Faithful, Funky Recital of the Cultura Profetica Classic

Big shout out to The New Beatmaker favourite Frankie Leroux for sending over this video recently. Here, Frankie's senior recital band perform "Donde no Alcanza mi Verso" by Cultura Profetica.

Frankie is a Graduate of the world famous Berklee College of Music in Boston, a college with alumni including Quincy Jones, Aimee Mann and Roy Hargrove, amongst others.

In addition he is a drummer, manager, producer and videographer; and he is part of one of my favourite new acts in years, LowTone society, who combine jazz, reggae, funk, hip hop and more with class and virtuosity.      

This performance, which is faithful to the original song, shows off the depth of talent and diversity within the recital band, which includes several LowTone members.  I can't wait to see and hear more from them.  Props to Frankie and everyone else involved in what was clearly a wonderful event.

The band line-up in full:

Ernesto "Bebo" Rodriguez: vocals
Kalani Trinidad: flute
Craig Hill: sax
John Egizi: trombone
Matt Jenson: keys 
Alex Roderick: piano
Itamar Edelman: guitar
Brandon Ferguson: guitar
Marco Marcel: bass
Frankie Leroux: drums
"Moduloktopus": sound design
Gabo Lugo: percussion

Frankie is dropping a video from the recital every two weeks, with a total of 7 videos to enjoy.
Be sure to subscribe to his youtube and Facebook pages to get the videos fresh out of the oven.
For even more goodness check out: soundcloud.com/frankie-leroux.
For more on Frankie Leroux and LowTone Society click here.
For more on Moduloktopus click here.


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