Saturday, 1 March 2014

Pensado Awards: Show Your Love (and Get Some Cool Merch!)

Regular readers will know that I love me some Pensado's Place so I am very much looking forward to the inaugural Pensado's Place Awards.  From Herb:

'From day one, Pensado's Place has been about you.  Now, the first annual Pensado Awards will be by you. You are the producers, engineers, songwriters, tech and audio enthusiasts who give the world a voice. We know first-hand the work, dedication, commitment and sacrifice that your work requires and we want to recognize your outstanding achievements.

Your valued contributions will help make the Pensado Awards a reality.  It will be a celebration of amateurs and pros all over globe, whose work enriches our lives and brings sound and art together.  We will do the show Pensado style -- high standards plus high jinks. 

We feel honored by you every day.  We thank you for the support.  Now let’s honor each other.'

As a thank you, gifts ranging from Twitter shout outs to tee shirts, mugs and caps, all the way through to a personalized mix review / evaluation from Dave Pensado himself are up for grabs.

From hip hop to rock and country; from bedroom enthusiast to mutli-million dollar industry, Pensado's Place shares knowledge, good humour and nothing but love to one and all episode after episode.

Show some love and contribute to the awards at their FundyAnything page here.

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