Saturday, 26 April 2014

Jay Bishop 'Late Pass #6': Outkast, Malice & Mario Sweet, Evil Needle and More

The New Beatmaker favourite Jay Bishop comes correct yet again on this latest installment of 'Late Pass'.

This podcast has quickly become an essential listen thanks to Jay's skill for mixing music from exciting new artists with less obvious tracks from already legendary names.

Case in point, this latest edition, which just might be the best yet, features recent heat from artists in ascendency including Malice & Mario Sweet, Evil Needle and Kosyne; and less well-known cuts from Outkast and Erykah Badu.

No matter your musical persuasion, I would say that if you like any of the music featured on The New Beatmaker, you are going to enjoy this show.

I highly recommend checking out more of Jay's podcasts - as well as his original compositions - via the links below.

All episodes of 'Late Pass' on Mixcloud 


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