Sunday, 11 May 2014

'Your Beats': Sombrero Galaxy's 'Midnight Ghosts' EP is the Super-Charged Soundtrack to a Philip K Dick Adaptation

Shout out to San Diego's Sombrero Galaxy who recently sent over their debut EP, 'Midnight Ghosts', for which I am very grateful.

Taking inspiration from legends like El-P, DJ Krush and DJ Shadow, the project is an invigorating mix of music which is, in Sombrero Galaxy's own words, 'electronic with a hip hop backbone'.

The rip-roaring 'Natural Selection' is a fantastic and frantic introduction.  'Broken Patterns', whilst slower in bpm, loses none of the tension.  The haunting 'Distant Lights in Midnight' is a fantastic ending to an EP which plays like the super-charged soundtrack to a Philip K Dick adaptation.   

With it's haunting, engaging and dynamic compositions, topped off by top-notch mastering courtesy of Conrad Magabo (of Daddy Kev's and Nocando's Cosmic Zoo Studios), 'Midnight Ghosts' is a brilliant introduction to an artist who looks very much set to become one of electronic music's brightest stars. 

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