Saturday, 19 July 2014

'Live at Berklee': Jacob McCaslin and The Goodbye Girls Perform Live at Berklee College

Live, Intimate Performances from the World's Largest Independent College of Contemporary Music

The New Beatmaker is very proud to present the second in our regular series of videos capturing live, intimate performances from students and alumni of the world famous Berklee College of Music.

Up first we have a fantastic live performance from singer-songwriter and guitarist Jacob McCaslin.

Jacob shows off his flair for mixing soul, rock and blues on the self-penned 'Crossroads to Nowhere' which is as infectious and memorable a song as you will hear all year.

Jacob is multi-talented, being gifted with great writing, vocal and guitar skills. Oh, and he plays a mean Loop Station too! Superb. 

Well, how do you follow that performance up? With fellow super-talented Berklee students The Goodbye Girls.

The Goodbye Girls are a four-piece comprising of Lena Jonsson (Sweden) on fiddle, Molly Tuttle (USA) on guitar, Allison de Groot (Canada) on banjo and Brittany Karlson (USA) on bass.

Here, they treat us to a live performance of the haunting folk song, "Graveyard" (Cousin Emily) live at Berklee College of Music's internet radio station, BIRN. 

Attention, Swedish readers! The Goodbye Girls' debut tour starts end of July in Sweden with dates at the Urklut Festival and Stockholm Folk Festival.

What a great pair of performances.  The New Beatmaker is honoured to bring you these videos in association with Berklee College of Music.

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