Saturday, 19 July 2014

Looking for the Perfect Beat (Low End Theory Documentary): Gaslamp Killer Scene

This documentary is sure to be a feast both for the ears and the eyes:

'Looking for the Perfect Beat' is a cinéma vérité immersion inside the unique Los Angeles "beat scene" music community, centered around the world famous Low End Theory club night. Filmed over the Summer of 2013, we are given the opportunity to elegantly lift the veil on the personal creative processes of the internationally-acclaimed pillars of the scene. Indie music luminaries such as Thundercat, the Gaslamp Killer, TOKiMONSTA, Jonwayne, Baths, Daedelus, Ras G, Teebs, D-Styles, edIT of the Glitch Mob, Astronautica, Free the Robots, and Matthewdavid are all featured in vivid detail...Looking for the Perfect Beat' provides a holistic view of L.A.'s key players in this generation's electronic music landscape while instilling hope for the future of cross-cultural creative unions.'

Worldwide debut at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles Screening: Sunday, 7/13, 9 p.m. at Downtown Independent Theater

Sidenote: All white Maschine >>
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