Sunday, 17 August 2014

M-Phazes x Kimbra: '90's Music' Remix is a Hypercolour Ride down Memory Lane

Wow, this takes me back!  A massive dose of nostalgia in the form of the video to M-Phazes' latest masterful remix, this time of '90's Music' by Melbourne songstress Kimbra.

Yet again M-Phazes comes correct, the tension building up in the refrains before an absolutely exhilarating drop full of Miami bass-style drums (which are of course, given M-Phazes pedigree, on-point); and the keys* are top-notch too.  Wowzers.

BEATMAKERS: Be sure to cop M-Phazes' 'The Vault' and 'Dirty 30' drum kits.  Your tracks will thank you for it.

*Additional keys by Nehzuil and Damian Smith.
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