Saturday, 6 September 2014

Your Beats: Victory The Producer Provides High-Octane Hip Hop Instrumentals on 'Zuocai "The Sound of Victory Vol.1"'

'Zuocai "The Sound of Victory Vol.1"' is a Gift for Both the Beat Tape Fanatic and the Lyricist Looking for Inspiration 

It's always a pleasure to receive new music direct from an artist.

It's even more of a pleasure when the music is as satisfying as that recently sent to The New Beatmaker by 28 year old Delaware 'DJ turned rapper turned producer' Victory The Producer who has just released, for free, his mixtape 'Zuocai "The Sound of Victory Vol.1"'.

The project is 18 tracks of high-octane instrumental hip hop which is sure to be as equally enjoyable for all the beat tape fans immersing themselves in the adrenaline pumping tracks as it will be for all the MC's who'll be using these cinematic-sounding backdrops as inspiration for the next all-night session in the vocal booth.
The project will be equally enjoyable in its own right or - for the MC's amongst you - as cinematic inspiration for the next all night session in the vocal booth.
Full of epic beats based around samples that range from sci-fi, to Oriental, to 80's pop and rock, 'Zuocai...' shows off Victory's ear for melody, compositional skills and technical savvy, with every track having just the right mix of polish and knock where they are needed the most.

Whilst the project is of very high standard throughout, immediate favourites of The New Beatmaker include the journey into deep space 'Try-Outs', the funky, electronic quirk of 'Chika' and the melancholy finisher 'Red Autumn'.

Check out 'Zuocai "The Sound of Victory Vol.1"' today and be sure to join Victory The Producer on the winner's podium.

'Zuocai...' on

Victory The Producer is featured on the forthcoming episode of 'Soundcloud Sessions': a back-to-back collection of future beats, hip hop, jazz and more.  To enjoy previous episodes click here.  To never miss a post again, subscribe below: 

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