Friday, 19 December 2014

Carlo Muscat: 'The Sound Catalogues - Vol. 1 (EPK)'

Featured recently on 'Soundcloud Sessions' Episode Eight with the wonderful 'Totoro', Carlo Muscat is one of The New Beatmaker's breakthrough artists of 2014.

His project 'The Sound Catalogues - Vol. 1' is one of the highlights of the year.  What better way to learn more about it, than by checking in with the man himself?

Says Carlo about the project:

'The Sound Catalogues' (2013) - A recent artistic concept with the objective of compiling various volumes utilising music composition and performance as the primary artistic medium, recording inspiring events, figures, eras, inventions, and more.

The first volume is titled 'Extraordinary Episodes'. In an attempt to flee the prevailing digital age, this album takes into account a series of historic events. By creating a specific set of jazz compositions, the emotions related to each event are explored and allowed to re-surface. The music will transmit these emotions.

The line-up for this album features saxophonist Carlo Muscat, guitarist Sandro Zerafa, pianist Joe Debono, bassist Mátyás Szandai, drummer Lionel Boccara and guest trumpeter Daniele Raimondi.'

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Twitter: @soundcatalogues

EPK by Laurent Coq
Recorded 8th May 2014 at Studio Sextan (Paris).
Mixing & Mastering by Katsuhiko Naito at Avatar Studios (NYC).

Carlo Muscat is featured on'Soundcloud Sessions': a back-to-back collection of future beats, hip hop, jazz and more.  

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