Saturday, 7 February 2015

'Soundcloud Sessions': J Dilla Special, with Music from M-Phazes, Tall Black Guy, Mecca:83 and many more

Turn it up!

To commemorate what would have been his 41st birthday, here's a collection of some of the best J Dilla reworkings and homages, plus a few of his own classics for good measure.

Also, check out this special guest post that I had the honour of writing for bboytechreport:

Read 'J Dilla's Magnum Opus Continues to Inspire' here

Without giving too much of the post away here, my feature focuses on the following topics.
  • The context of 'Donuts'.
  • How J Dilla, a revolutionary producer in his own right, pays tribute to fellow iconic and innovative producers on 'Donuts' - the producers being Pete Rock, Rza, and The Bomb Squad.
  • J Dilla's mastery of the vocal snippet throughout 'Donuts' - how these snippets either explicity convey an emotion, or subtly add another, often haunting, layer to the track.
  • The paradox inherent in an audience consuming art from an artist exploring their imminent demise.
To check out the full article, click here.
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Happy born day to Nujabes too.  RIP.

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