Thursday, 12 February 2015

Today's Future Sound Equipment Stolen: Please Donate and Spread the Word! The Charity Needs Our Help Today!

So, friends of the site Today's Future Sound (TFS) had equipment stolen from them recently. 

This, from the TFS Facebook page:

Someone stole from a charity that helps children.
'So this just happened during TFS staff meeting---not only did they smash Phillipdrummond aka Philthydrummond aka Pd's window, they stole the bag with 12 pairs of headphones, splitters wires, etc. that we use to teach the youth of Oakland every day. This is the second theft in recent months. Please consider donating closed ear headphones, buying TFS merch (hoodies, tshirts,) making donations or coming to our beat battle fundraiser (also Pd's 34th bday jam) on Saturday feb 21st. Please spread the word.

Buy clothing here: Http://

Donate thru PayPal or go to site and use PayPal button there: Http://

You can also donate thru bandcamp and pay whatever price you want for the free beattapes, and buy clothes there. Http://'

To paraphrase, TFS is a charity that believes in the power of music to transform and inspire youth to create positive change in their lives and communities.

TFS not only introduces young children to beatmaking as an art form, but also as a vehicle to communicate maths and science in a way that is novel and, I dare say, more engaging and entertaining to many of the children than textbooks and chalk boards are.

In addition, TFS uses rapping to promote positivity and to encourage children to recognise their own self-worth.

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