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'Soundcloud Sessions' Ten: with Jay Bishop as Special Guest Curator! Music by LAKIM, Nu Vintage, Tom Misch and more

A Back-to-Back Collection of Future Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz and More with a Very Special Guest Curator.

DJ, beatmaker / producer extraordinaire and friend of the site Jay Bishop
Many thanks to The New Beatmaker favourite Jay Bishop for compiling a special selection of tracks for part one of the latest edition of 'Soundcloud Sessions'.


I've made no secret of the fact that his 'Late Pass' podcasts were a source of inspiration for The New Beatmaker's regular round up of beats, hip hop, electronic, house, folk and, well anything else that floats the boat.

I'm also a big fan of Jay's music, which makes having him on board an even bigger honour and a pleasure.'s an honour and a pleasure to have Jay on board...
Said Jay about his selection which makes up part one of this episode:

'Props to The New Beatmaker for allowing me to curate this 'Soundcloud Session'. I put together a mix of music from musicians I listen to often and some I am just learning of. Special shout out to The Kingdom, Tracy Lamont, and Kourviosier who are all artists here in NC.  I hope you guys enjoy this mix and dig my new joint, "Smoke So Good"'.
Special shout out to The Kingdom, Tracy Lamont, and Kourviosier who are all artists here in NC. I hope you guys enjoy this mix and dig my new joint, "Smoke So Good"
- Jay Bishop

Absolutely Jay, thanks a lot for taking the time out to bless us.

Here's the Playlist in full.  Over two hours of music for your listening pleasure. 

Part One: Curated by DJ Jay Bishop
Jay Bishop - Sessions Drop
LAKIM - I'm Rick James, Bitch...
flyingpeanut - Oops
stan the beatsmith. - don'tCry. (off of "at the doe.")
Nu Vintage - Midnight Drive
Vanilla - Somebody
Jerm Scorsese - Kingdom Roc
Dubs Banger - The Art Of Sampling
B-Side . - Feeling So Sad
Monique-Danielle - 04 Monique - Danielle - Oxygen
Tracy Lamont - Light Blue (D&G) (Prod. By Kelly Portis)
Phashara aka Corry Banks 'ITs Good' interlude
Tom Misch - Brazilian Love
Expansions Collective - The Mixtapers - Dawg Stroll
Koen - KOEN - 1194
brandon* - Raindrops & Rainbows
Đoc Mast3rm!nd - Dont Turn Your Back (On Your Homiez)
Kourvioisier - Kourvioisier - It Chose Us (Prod. By Dre Rubio)
DrewsThatDude - Patron Pimpin (DrewsThatDude x J-Louis)
Cult Classic Records - Samurai Guru - 02 Daydreamer
KLIM beats㋛ - Factory
Jay Bishop - Smoke So Good
Phashara aka Corry Banks Outro

Jay Bishop mans part one with an outstanding compilation of beats, hip hop, funk and more whilst The New Beatmaker takes care of part two.

Releases of note being celebrated this month include long awaited releases by Evil Alex; and  J'Von and Ackryte.

Shout out to Expansions Collective: they are represented by Jay on part one (The Mixtapers) and are represented on part two via their team up with Mellow Orange for the debut collaborative project 'First Light'.  Props.

Part Two:
Phashara aka Corry Banks 'ITs Good' Interlude
Lee TNB ( Marc Cary 'You Can't Stop Us Now' Lee TNB 'Emerald Sky' RMX
Mad Satta - Break Me Free
KAYTRANADA — Tuxedo - The Right Time (Kaytranada Rmx)
Van Hunt — Music Is A World Within Itself
Tall Black Guy - Far From Human92.000BPM
B.Eaze313rd — Flawless prod by Soledad Brother (Rough)
Essenchill Records — Celestial (Ed Rowe x Sleep Sinatra x Concept)
J'Von. — j'von & ackryte ft. blu - they dnt beleev
V. Nova — V. Nova - Free The Culture
Sev Seveer 'Danica' Interlude
Evil Alex 'Snack Wrap' Interlude
Evil Alex 49 — Honeymoon
Lapalux — Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)
Bungalow ☁ — Es-K // Bungalow - Warmth
S U N J E T — Sunjet - Spy Motif
zayyaf — come on
V K — Honey
ΛIRWAV — do u remember?
Time Travelling Toaster — 03 Mr. Miyoko
Lo Tide — Whats That There Then
J'Von. — j'von & ackryte - luv lines (RAW SHEEP LP OUT NOW)
Jay Bishop — Tegan & Sara - I Was A Fool (Jay Bishop Remix)
Phashara aka Corry Banks Outro

As usual, big love to all featured and enjoying the sessions; with an extra special set of thanks going out to Phashara / Corry Banks, Sev Seveer, and Evil Alex for the drops.

An extra special thanks to Jay Bishop yet again, check him out at:

For more from The New Beatmaker visit: 

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