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Soundcloud Sessions 11, Future Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock and More: RIP Sean Price; Radius, Žiga Murko and much more

A Back-to-Back Collection of Future Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz and More. 

It was only right to start this selection off with the inimitable Mr Sean Price.

Mega-Sean, P Body, P! Whatever your favourite alias; Price personified not 'just' pure talent and integrity to the artform, but also an amazing amount of tenacity, in what many are calling hip hop's greatest ever second act.

The fact this second act came to such a premature end makes Price's tale even more poignant and painful in my opinion.
The fact this second act came to such a premature end makes Price's tale even more poignant and painful in my opinion.
Rest in Peace, Sean; and much love to Praverb the Wyse who passed away September 17 last year.

Rest in peace to Sean Price and Praverb the Wyse.
On a much happier note, this months Session also boasts music from longtime favourites such as Ackryte, Mecca: 83, DistantStarr, Phashara and Evil Alex, to name but a few.

Listen to Part Two at The New Beatmaker Soundcloud page:
We have some great tracks from TNB Family Radius and Doc Illingsworth too.  Check out and purchase Radius' 'Time Travel Is Real' below and be sure to pre-order Illingsworth's 'Worth the Wait' (which I'm sure it will be) at iTunes and

Elsewhere there's great Sessions debuts from artists including kildaphew, CJ Kane,
Jaca Zulu & B3nbi, Cab Cabernet, Kazolace, Kahlee and Retro's Finest. Welcome to the fold folks!

Kazolace: 'MindMe' EP 

From Kazolace:

'I'm a 20-year old producer who loves flippin' through samples.

The idea behind the tape was to be precise, almost surgical, about my sampling technique and come out with tracks that couldn't be so easily replicated - to be original!

It's a free download, and I even produced some visuals highlighting my favorite tracks.

I've spent most of my life in the San Antonio, Texas region and have been making beats for a couple years. After being in the graphics/video realm for a decade, I turned to music as an expansion of my creative efforts. It was only after a year of experimenting on a cheap synthesizer, I decided to create my own style of music; I quickly transitioned from electronic, to hip-hop influence after hearing some Prefuse 73 on a streaming service.

I use my knowledge of graphics, video, audio design, and sampling to come up with a complete idea, not just a cool beat or a nice video. I don't claim to be the best, leave that to Dilla, I'm just Daniel. I only want to have fun with my art and inspire people to do the same for themselves, so I'm asking you to Mind Me.'

 Žiga Murko: 'Glow' Ep 

Trombonist and beatmaker Žiga Murko has been releasing music at a prodigious rate over the post couple of years, most importantly though is just how consistent these projects have been.

Mixing live instrumentation with finely chopped and fx'd samples to create a dreamlike vibe, Žiga's 'The Green Room' was one of The New Beatmaker's favourite projects of 2014, and don't be surprised if you see Žiga in that list again this year.

A preview of his latest offering, 'Glow', can be enjoyed above. 

Vapor Eyes: 'Verano Tempura'   

Courtesy of Young Heavy Souls: 

'Devised with the intention of being released in the summer season, Vapor Eyes has crafted his most high-energy and dancefloor ready release to date. 

“Summer seems to go by faster every year in the Midwest. I wanted to create something to celebrate this period of the seasons where we truly get to be outside and live it up. My aim was to make a really fun record that people could vibe with as their soundtrack to summer. That windows down, system up type of music,” said Cohen. 

Kahlee: 'Baring My Soul' 

Courtesy of

California-bred rapper Kahlee presents "Baring My Soul", a song from his new album 'Blessed' featuring Sabac Red of Non-Phixion, Uptown Swuite, CookBook (LA Symphony), Awdbawl and I.Sheik (Revolution of the Mind).

"I guess I made this song to let people know that they're not the only ones going through problems with there family or loved ones," Kahlee says. "I think suicide is more common than most think. I remember always feeling like no one understood what I was going through. I feel like knowing you're not the only one is sometimes enough to push you towards a less negative direction."


Feat. Alyssa Sandoval, curated by

Courtesy of

'Tucson, Arizona rapper Jaca Zulu and producer and fellow Tucson native B3NBI present Graine, their collaborative EP featuring Alyssa Sandoval.

Graine is the second project curated by Tucson music imprint as part of their dy-ad series which pairs a producer with an emcee.

"This project is the seed of love and appreciation of life I wish to plant in myself and anyone else open to the message," says Jaca. "I open my heart and mind with faith that it will inspire others to do the same."

Amplified: 'Dada Movement' 

From Amplified:

'I've been making beats for the past few years and previously was the emcee half of a hip hop group (Reto's Finest).

This my passion and hobby and I'd just like to share my music with people who might enjoy it.'

Absolutely! And I hope you all have enjoyed this Session as much as I have, until next time folks.


As per usual a big thank you to Phashara / Corry Banks and Evil Alex for the drops.

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