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650MB+ of Samples free from ModeAudio

Well Respected and Trusted UK Sample Pack Powerhouse Just Loves to Give Back! 

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 UK's ModeAudio: 650MB+ of free samples for signing up to their newsletter

A word of advice for new beatmakers in regards to buying sample packs:

Do not just take a software company's PR blurb as gospel.  If they do not offer even a small amount of samples which you can download for free at no obligation to buy, then take your money elsewhere.

This isn't so much a warning against nasty, unscrupulous companies who will promise you that all you need to sound great is buy their sample pack (although there probably are some companies that operate in such a way - mercifully few and far between). 

Rather, it's to make sure that, before you part with your hard earned cash, you are buying the sample pack that is right for you.

Example (albeit extreme to make a point): a pack may promise 'hard-hitting kicks'.  If you buy said pack without downloading a free selection of samples from it to ensure that these kicks are just the type that you are after, you may end up trying to fit ACDC-style heavy metal bass drums into your minimalist tech workout.  Good luck with that.

This is where companies like ModeAudio excel.  The UK company has just upped the ante on an already generous offer.

Just sign up to their newsletter via email to receive a very handsome 650MB of samples as a thank you.

From the guys at themselves:

'ModeAudio is a dynamic group of producers who share a bursting enthusiasm for making the very best royalty-free music loopssamplessynth presets and field recordings packs available.
When it comes to inspiring your music, we know that only the highest quality audio tools will make the grade. This is why attention to detail is our top priority when creating each and every one of our sounds - trust us, we’ve spent hours on the finer details of a single kick drum sample!

Put simply, we love making sounds and our releases are designed with one thing in mind above all else - to enhance the sheer explosive fun of making music!

Check out the full ModeAudio catalogue of sound packs right here:

By signing up to our newsletter will receive a free 650MB download of our sounds spanning loops, samples, MIDI files, synth presets and more (producers are of course free to unsubscribe at any time):

If that's not enough for you, the guys also have a neat little blog which a new beatmaker (irrespective of particular niche or genre) should bookmark as a go-to guide this very moment.

A recent post that really struck my attention - being a bit of a golden era hip hop lover - was a wonderful appraisal and deconstruction of the great DJ Premier's production style.  Click here:

In the mood for audio?  Then check out ModeAudio.

ModeAudio have been added to The New Beatmaker's web Hall of Fame, to check out all recommended websites, click here: 

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