Monday, 15 January 2018

#TNBCatchUp #MusicMonday Optic Masters the Art of 'Uneasy Listening'

#TNBCatchUP: The New Beatmaker takes some time out a few times a year; 'TNBCatchUp' takes a look back at projects which came out during such an hiatus which otherwise would have been featured at the time of release.

OPTIC has been a The New Beatmaker favourite for a while now,

His music is a dense, almost nightmarish mix of sonic soundscapes fighting for attention.

'OPTIC is Tokyo(Japan) based Hip Hop Producer. He lived in United States for 10 years and experienced 90`s Hip Hop in real time. 

He is known as mysterious presence in Japanese Hip Hop scene.' 

Optic features in the next episode of TNB Raps / Mixcloud Sessions.  He has also, at the time writing just released this:
If you are in the mood for 'uneasy listening' which will result in sleepless nights from both the sonic pallet and the neck-ache from all the head-bob inducing beats, peep Optic today.

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