How to Make Better Drums

It all begins with the drums.  Whatever music you're creating, if you're drums don't hit, you haven't got a hit.  Here are some excellent video tutorials to help you out.  For more, check out Eddie Bazil's brilliant 'The Art of Drum Layering' in Reads.          

Drum & Bass Beat Making with Parallel for Point Blank 

DnB artist Parallel breaks down the drums on his track 'Future Shock' to Point Blank's Luke Hopper as part of their Friday Forum Live Series.  Like a lot of these tutorials the advice given is not restricted to one genre.  Well worth watching. 


Creating Dubstep Drums in Cubase

A nice little tutorial from the dubstep and drumstep duo Dodge & Fuski.  Although its main focus is on creating dubstep drums in Cubase, it gives a good insight into the art of drum creation in general.