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Nine of the Best Beatmakers to Follow in 2013

After enjoying their work in 2012, I am really looking forward to hearing more from these great artists this year:


Already a TNBM fave, Ackryte has an uncanny ability of seamlessly mixing samples into his own productions, often creating something entirely new from found sounds.  A musical magpie, he specialises in swing - heavy hip hop, with jazz and RnB influences that he cuts into tiny pieces and rearranges into almost psychedelic sound collages.  His 'Lifted Transmissions' EP is  out now on HW&W (Image credit: HW&W)


Lanzo mixes film quotes, jazz, hip hop, reggae vocal snatches and just about anything else he can lay his hands on with unpredictable, but always dope, results.  'Recognize' is all brooding menace.  'Transparent Troubles' is a twinkling piece of sub - aquatic trip hop.  'Snack Bags' has lots of lovely bounce and infectious samples.  Recent beats show a predilection for chopping, screwing and stretching a sound as far as…

Akalepse Talks J Dilla 'Last Donut of the Night':

With J Dilla month almost upon us, Akalepse sits down with to talk about arguably Dilla's most poignant track, 'Last Donut of the Night'.

I think Akalepse sums this 'Donut' up perfectly: Whilst this is more straightforward than a 'Waves' or a 'Don't Cry', the emotion of the original is magnified a thousand per cent in this masterful reworking. 


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saintjoe Showcases AAS Player VST and Swatches Preset

JK Swopes aka saintjoe delivers yet again with this video showcasing the fantastic AAS Player and Swatches compilation.  The player features almost 100 presets of great sounding analogue style synths, choir sounds, kalimbas and more.  I immediately downloaded this after watching the video and it's an instant favourite VSTi of mine.  Thanks to both and


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Free Metal and Motion Sound Library: In Memory of Reason Lahalla

The New Beat Maker wants to take a moment to offer condolences to the family and friends of Reason Lahalla. Reason, of DNR Collaborative, sadly passed away on Thursday 10th January.  

In his memory,  DNR Collaborative have released his sound library 'Metal and Motion' as a free download.  Paying tribute, Bedroom Producers Blog had this to say:
Reason only used three different Zildjian cymbals to create all the weird and exciting sounds in this library. You can easily tell that a man has got amazing talent when he makes something so unique with such simple tools.I'm ashamed to say that I am not au fait with Reason and his work.  However, after listening to the 'Metal and Motion' library demo this morning I co-sign Bedroom Producers Blog's comments.  A set of haunting sounds which take on extra weight and meaning at a time like this.  

Further tributes are paid on and KVR Audio.

Rest in peace, Reason.    

Demo: www…

Beatmaking Documentaries: Lookin 4 Galt from Media Gasface

I finally got the chance to sit down and enjoy 
'Lookin4Galt' this week.  

Beautifully shot and edited and billed as 'The first hip hop road movie', Nico Venancio and Mathieu Rochet head to The Big Apple in search of legendary composer Galt MacDermot.  Along the way they bump into a number of hip hop icons including Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Mr Walt of Da Beatminerz and K-Def, all of whom pay homage to Galt's influence on hip hop.  This is a must-see for anyone into sampling, the second golden era and diggin' in the crates.


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