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saintjoe / JK Swopes Interview: The People's Champ

It may be a cliché to say, but saintjoe AKA JK Swopes really is 'The People's Champ'. 

He's the man behind three hugely popular websites: SoundsAndGear, MaschineTutorials (along with Knock Squared) and BoomAndBap

Each site caters to a different music production need: software/hardware news and reviews with a side-salad of hints and tips, original instructional resources specific to Maschine, and high quality drum sample packs. 

Each new project strengthens saintjoe's position as a leading figure in music production education and resources.

But, you may be asking, how does this make him 'The People's Champ'? Well, his sites are only one part of the equation.  saintjoe has a long established reputation for being arguably the most helpful, enthusiastic and nicest person in a community that prides itself on educating, working with and helping others. 

The New Beat Maker was lucky enough to catch up with saintjoe shortly after he came back from the NAMM (Na…