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Showcase Your Music, 'Your Beats': Lewes Btsmfn 'Signature Φ Resonance : An iNstrumental iNtroduction (vol. I)'

The latest offering to 'Your Beats'  is a beautiful spiritual journey, courtesy of UK producer Lewes Btsmfn (formerly known as Metaþhφnix).  The project, 'Signature Φ Resonance : An iNstrumental iNtroduction (vol. I)', is filled with head-nodding beats, rich bass lines, well-chosen, often jazzy, samples and spacey synths. 

Each track has been lovingly put together, the album sequencing is spot-on and, by mixing hip hop, jazz and ambient, 'Signature Φ Resonance : An iNstrumental iNtroduction (vol. I)' is likely to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Whilst each cut is of very high quality, 'Nice One Dilla (an Ode to a Pioneer) Thank U Jay Dee' deserves special mention.  There's a tension to the drums, the backwards piano snatches and the spacey synths which float throughout the ether, whilst big bass stabs glue it all together.  

What makes this track really special though, is the ingenious low-passed sample.  All throughout the track, this mysterious wail - which sounds like a Middle Eastern prayer or an incantation from an ancient magical rite - casts a spell on the listener.  

When Lewes finally lifts the low-pass veil and exposes the sample's original form, it becomes evident that the flip itself is the magic: sonic alchemy, if you will.

There are clear influences on the project: the space-funk of J Dilla, the rich layering of Nujabes and the dramatic, echoing horns of Pete Rock.

Yet, rather than being a third-rate clone of his favourite artists, Metaþhφnix has instead successfully created his own, very personal and very special, sonic universe.

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