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Spitfire Audio eDNA01 EARTH

REVIEW: Much-loved UK company changes the game thanks to ambition and attention to detail

Spitfire Audio is synonymous with excellence in sound design, especially revered for its gorgeous orchestral sounds; with fans including such luminaries as Grammy Award winning composer Craig Armstrong OBE, Take That singer-songwriter Gary Barlow OBE and multi-award winning Composer (and Spitfire collaborator) Hans Zimmer to name but a few.

Released late last year to much deserved fanfare, excitement and praise, Spitfire's 'eDNA ('Electronic DNA') 01 EARTH' takes the lush instrumentation that Spitfire is known for and flipped it on its head.

By mangling a diverse and extensive - and I do mean extensive- collection of Spitfire's recordings through numerous effects and scripting, 'EARTH' turns a set of sounds that were once flawlessly lifelike into an other-worldly sonic palate.  These sounds are sure to find many a welcome home in the more uncompromising and abrasiv…

Sombrero Galaxy Talks Native Instruments Maschine, Shabazz Palaces, El-P and More

INTERVIEW: Nascent electronica / hip hop artist Sombrero Galaxy answers quick-fire questions on the best of 2014

Sorry all, I goofed up.

Electro / hip hop producer Sombrero Galaxy's 'Midnight Ghosts' was one of The New Beatmaker's favourite projects of 2014

At the time of release I called it 'the super-charged soundtrack to a Philip K Dick adaptation... a brilliant introduction to an artist who looks very much set to become one of electronic music's brightest stars.'

Sombrero Galaxy's debut EP 'Midnight Ghosts' took a very well deserved place in The New Beatmaker's best of 2014 list, which can be read in full here.
After making such a big impression on The new Beatmaker it only made sense to invite Sombrero Galaxy to take part in our round up of 2014 (for more on that, click here). 

Sombrero subsequently sent the following, in plenty of time before the deadline, and somehow I messed up and didn't include his responses.  Here's wh…