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BeatTips Sales Drive and the BeatTips Music Series

NEWS: A great read and a great cause

I've made no secret of the influence that Amir 'Sa'id' Said has had on (see here and here).  So it's with understandable excitement and commitment that I share the following press release:

Please act now folks! :)

Announcement: BeatTips Sales Drive and the BeatTips Music Series

New BeatTips backed music series poised to help beatmakers advance their careers in music; to be funded by sales of The BeatTips Manual and The Art of Sampling.

Dear BeatTips Community,
Today kicks off a week-long sales drive of The BeatTips Manual and The Art of Sampling. For more than 10 years, The BeatTips Manual has been a beacon of music, business, and cultural knowledge, and it has helped countless people in their pursuit of more skillful beatmaking and a career in music. This has earned The BeatTips Manual a reputation for being the most trusted name in beatmaking. And none of this could not have b…

Nomadikh 'EVO' and MPC Tutorials

HOW TO: AKAI MPC based educational videos and great music from New Jersey Beatmaker

New Jersey's Nomadikh clearly believes in giving back, as he's blessed youtube with a series of easy to follow videos entitled 'MPC School'.

'MPC School' shows how to use iconic MPC hardware: the MPC 1000 and the MPC 2000xl.

Another series on the MPC Renaissance should be coming soon.

If that's not enough, his 'EVO' project has serious replay value.  Check out snippets on Soundcloud and enjoy in full on Bandcamp via the links below:

'Through a dense patchwork of clipped soundbites, diverse atmospheres, and headknock beats, EVO showcases a new dimension of Nomadikh's repertoire Enjoy!'

Enjoy indeed.

'MPC School':
'EVO' Mix:
'EVO' Full:

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Elliot Gann on Using Hip Hop and Beatmaking to Empower Youth

INTERVIEW: Elliot Gann (Psy.D) from US charity Today's Future Sound talks favourite hardware, software and artists; and empowering young people worldwide

Regular readers will likely know that I am very partial to the work of Today's Future Sound.

Today's Future Sound is a charity that introduces young children to beatmaking and hip hop culture, in effort to inspire positive change in their lives and communities.

Today’s Future Sound is a Nonprofit based in the Bay Area, yet its work has spread across the globe, as far afield as New Zealand and Senegal.
At the end of last year Elliot Gann, Psy.D. Executive Director, Psychologist and Music Producer/DJ at Today's Future Sound, took time out of his very busy schedule to discuss his favourite hardware, software, artists and highlights of the year.

Many, many thanks to Elliot Gann and keep up the fantastic work to all involved!

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