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Jessamyn Rains 'Land of the Living' (Lee TNB Stone Tape Remix)

NEWS: I submit new remix of Jessamyn Rains 'Land of the Living' to Indaba music competition

The song style and subject matter brought to my mind films such as 'The Others' and podcasts such as 'Midnight in the Desert'.

I was inspired to turn the vocals into a message from 'the other side': whereby you cannot hear exactly what is being said, but it still connects with you on an emotional level.

The bassline especially was reshaped to act as a 'wall' between the listener and the vocals.  The vocals were distorted in a number of ways to further build this wall or a veil between 'the other side' and 'The Land of the Living'.

A slightly psychedelic folk intro gives way to a second half inspired by UK 90's rave and drum 'n' bass. 

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did creating.

All elements (aside from electronic drum sounds) are samples from Jessamyn Rains 'Land of the Living'

Electronic drum sounds: Native I…

Carlo Muscat 'Explorations'

NEWS: The New Beatmaker favourite serves up more classy, contemporary jazz

'Explorations’ is the most recent album project led by saxophonist and composer Carlo Muscat. It will be released on Saturday 20th August and will be available for purchase in physical format from CDBaby and in digital format directly from Bandcamp. More to be announced soon.
For further information, visit the official website'

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Soundcloud Sessions 14

PODCAST: A mammoth playlist of hip hop, ambient, trap, jazz, folk and more

Featuring regular favourites like Mike Regal, AR Wesley, Mad Satta, Ackryte, walkingshoe, Vapor Eyes, Tokimonsta and more; and a warm welcome to artists new to the fold including singer-songwriter Theo Kandel and diverse beatmaker Lester, Nowhere.


Artwork: SLVMBER

Shar The Analog Bastard 'The Lost Beats'

REVIEW: 11 rewind-worthy tracks mixing classic and contemporary styles to great effect

Featuring '11 raw beats straight from old samplers like the SP1200', 'The Lost Beats' mixes the classic boom bap drums of the 90's with a spacey, wonky vibe akin to TNB family like Lanzo
to great effect.


'NIGHT KARMA_' mixes 50's sci-fi film snippets with twisted Indian samples; whilst 'LXST LXV3' is a heater that is begging for a Ghostface, Styles P and Beanie Sigel triple-threat feature.
'LXST LXV3' is a heater that is begging for a Ghostface, Styles P and Beanie Sigel triple-threat feature.' Whether you are a longtime fan, or this is your first time enjoying the sounds of SHAR, 'The Lost Beats' is a great find.

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