Guest Post: Vincent Hill on Performing the Perfect Cover Song

The art of the cover version is explained by Guest Blogger Vincent Hill (

It's with great pleasure that I present a first for The New Beatmaker: a guest blogger, Mr Vincent Hill.

In his own words, Vincent Hill loves Music and Dance.  He keeps himself updated about the recent music and dance trends and likes sharing his views by writing.  He is currently working with Music Skanner:
Vincent Hill

Performing the Perfect Cover Song;Vincent Hill 

Many musicians nowadays are performing cover songs because people like hearing someone else’s interpretation of a song.

However, there are specific rules that you should follow if you want to make a great cover song.  For many, these rules aren’t difficult, but they do require some practice.

If you use everything I will mention in this article, you can be sure that your cover song will be successful and impressive!

Chosen by Lee TNB ( Editor and Chief Writer), Jacob McCaslin's take on a Marvin Gaye's classic is the quintessential cover version. 

Bring something fresh

If you sing or record a song in its original form, people won’t necessarily like it.  While most people do like simple covers, mostly because they want to hear a different voice, others love it when you change a song in a very special way.  You won’t be able to appeal to everyone but try to be as creative as possible.

Pick the right songs

Not all songs fit your voice, and you shouldn’t try to sing the ones that you simply aren’t able to. If you are unsure about what songs you want to cover, you can try using the music skanner website (; it should help you get started with the correct choice.

Great respect for the original song

I’ve heard covers that simply butcher the original song and give it no respect.  People notice this, and ultimately, they hate that specific cover.  You should have massive respect for the original song, even if you don’t usually listen to that sort of music.  Respect the original artist and song, and people will grow to love your cover!

Respect the original artist and song.
- Vincent Hill,

Singing with a band

Cover songs get better with more original sounds that you have.  This means that cover songs which are recorded by bands usually end up the most popular and loved.  You can start by simply singing, but I recommend you find and join a band so that you can release amazing cover songs.

Remembering your lyrics

You need to know the song lyrics perfectly if you don’t want to be ridiculed for your performance. Sometimes, lyrics can’t be adequately understood in the original song.  If that happens, you should do your best to find the original lyrics and learn the song entirely.

Encourage people

Start with encouraging yourself; tell yourself that you are good and that people will love your covers. Then, start encouraging your band, so they perform even better.  Lastly, you can try encouraging people to listen to your songs, although this won’t be necessary if your cover is amazing.

Have fun!

Most of all, have fun! Recording cover songs isn’t a business, and you shouldn’t pretend it is one. Music is supposed to make you have a good time, and it should be respected as such.  Even if something doesn’t work out – don’t forget to have fun!

*Remember to research and adhere to applicable laws in relation to cover versions.

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