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Today's Future Sound Annual Fundraiser: Please Donate

Today's Future Sound Annual Fundraiser: Please Donate 

Mission: Today’s Future Sound (TFS) uses music production and media arts as vehicles through which to empower youth as artists and community members while fostering their well-being as individuals.

Watch the video below and donate here:

Come and say hello to The New Beatmaker at your favourite social media venue: 

My First Beat Placement: 'Crystal City' on Nub Music's 100xmas30 Christmas Album!

I have been a fan of the UK Indie music Powerhouse Label Nub Music since this Your Beats submission back in early 2013:

Since then the label has boasted a plethora of essential releases and have developed an ingenious music model with their '100x...' releases which echo the post J Dilla 'Donuts' ethos of short but sweet sonic compositions.  This ethos is part a reaction to the ADHD world of 140 characters and thirty second video clips that one finds themselves in; and partly a shrewd business calculation that seeks to get as much revenue back from streaming sites which independent artists especially often find themselves at odds with:

Say Nub music:

'SO - when Spotify and other streaming companies now pay out a royalty for any track over THIRTY seconds long - why then write longer songs? 

WHY not adapt to the modern day media, and write songs that are indeed thirty seconds long? The …

How to make beats on your computer: Audified MixChecker Review

Audified Aim to Take the Guesswork out of Mixing Across Platforms

File under: How to make beats on your computer.

From Audified 'This ultimate mixing assistant will help you to get better mixes instantly. MixChecker saves your precious time.'

Sa'id 'The Best of Times' Album Release

New Album from MC, Teacher and Major Inspiration for The New Beatmaker 

BROOKLYN, NY — Sunday November 6, 2016 — Sa'id (Amir Said), founder of BeatTips, the popular beatmaking and music education website, the independent publishing house Superchamp Books, and author of the books The BeatTips Manual and The Art of Sampling, just released his new album The Best of Times. The Best of Times features beats and rhymes written, produced, and performed entirely by Sa'id; and in addition to being entertaining, thought provoking, and full of feeling, it is meant to serve as an example of the ideas, methods, and practices found in his books. "This album represents one of the best ways for me to further discuss the kind of information and insight that you'll find in both The BeatTips Manual and The Art of Sampling," says Sa'id.

"Everything that I do with BeatTips is about continuing the discussion, finding new ways to help expand the beatmaking community at large.…

Carvalho 'Soul New': Single Review

Music News: Multi-talented UK star storms back with an instant classic: new single, 'Soul New'.
Soul New will be released via traxsource 27th Dec & 10th Jan 2017 all digital outlets;

Rob Carvalho is an artist influenced by Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Me'Shell Ndegéocello and shares their ethos of 'music and message'.

Soundcloud Sessions: Booda French and Micall Parknsun, Mecca:83, Billy Danze (M.O.P.) and more!

A collection of some of the best and brightest, from hip hop to house

Starting with hip hop from Booda French and Micall Parknsun, and ending with rock from Gentlemans Pistols (a bonus demo cut from my own Monkey Mind alter ego doesn't count).

It's been a tough 2016 for everyone I think; and this is reflected throughout this session.  I'd like to take the time out to thank you all for your support this year and as ever, until next time, enjoy.

Full Playlist - follow these great artists on Twitter:

BoodaFrench SolarSounds MAXOKREAM BILLDANZEMOP CozoneBeats SPITGEMZ AceMackMW DPSINCE02 ayowolfmusic BeatsByEsK bucktown_usa #BuildingBridges GeneralSteele Smifnwessun DuckDownMusic Sean Price Rest in Peace nubmusic Thereal_ARW artfrat14 howiewonder Jay_Bishop BLVNTRECORDS Blacmav ransomnoted K15music mishigami YoungHeavySouls timetravtoaster PtechSantiago ScottXylo fulgeance AcornTapes MurkoZiga LukeMcy0 hndpckd nuclearblasteu gentspistols